Bus Drivers

  • 2015/2016
    Sheryl Shea 

     Gina Claspell 

      Terri Hottum

     Karen Lawrence

     Tom Walker 

     Sandy McClure

     Les Hildebrandt

     Mark Smith

     Shawna Buell

Drivers News

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    Cushion of Safety: Our cushion of safety is all around our vehicle and it is as large as it needs to be to avoid smacking into something or being smacked into.

     Attention = Prevention: Our minds easily drift, especially when we perceive driving conditions to be non‐threatening. Keep your eyes moving to get the big picture.

    Complete Stops: Not only is it the law, but it gives us the time to fully evaluate traffic before taking off.

    Look Both Ways Before Crossing Intersections: Intersection crashes are not the most common, but have the potential to be among the most dangerous and life threatening.

    One More Look: There’s a good chance that  a crash can be avoided if we take one more look before taking our foot off of the brake or putting the vehicle in gear.